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Carnival of HR on HRTB

For years, the Carnival of HR has been floating around various blogs in the HR industry – giving some exposure and sharing some knowledge to writers, consultants and voices you may not know if you only follow a few (its hard to keep up with all of them).

Today, its my turn to share a selection of this months posts from around the world of HR, and we have some great ones across many areas of focus!

First up, Inflection Advisors Senior Advisor Christina Felty shares with us how to get the most out of a HR Transformation advisor.   It is a great reminder that the technology is a part of the solution, but the real success relies on the teams you have around you.   If you don’t know Inflection Advisors – check them out.  Mark Stelzner is the founder and one of the smartest people in this industry and his company is one of the top for enterprise and global Corporate HR Leaders to turn to.

Next, check out Mark Fogel’s post on When HR Fails.  Mark is former CHRO that now does HR and OD consulting with SMB and Mid-market companies through his company Human Capital 3.0.  He is never afraid to talk about what didn’t work and why in an effort to help other leaders in the process.

Over at Acacia HR Solutions blog Sabrina Baker is talking about 3 Mistakes Small Business’ make when hiring.   If you are a small business, check them out – they are one of the few consulting groups that focuses exclusively on your specific needs.

If you are looking at “potential” assessments Prasad Kurian asks you to think about what that really means and not to just jump into how you use those with The Sticky Case of The Stickiness of Potential Ratings

For those of you looking at training and learning programs Udemy is releasing an infographic on some of their research and findings around State of ROI of Learning.   OD & Diversity Consultant Yvonne Larose also wants to make sure you think about your tech with her post Developing Training & Retention Strategies Through Automation.

And finally, in case you missed them – here are my wrap up posts from the HR Tech Conference this year talking about the different vendors I had a chance to meet and some interesting things being done in the space.  Check out the HR Tech Wrap-up Post here and the one focused on Recruiting Tech here.

PS.  The Holiday Cups are out and Holiday Music was already playing at Starbucks this morning so run in and get your peppermint triple double whip cream with sprinkles drink.  PSL is so last month.

Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan is a recognized HCM industry analyst and advisor focused on improving the impact of technology on people, business and the future of work.  Sarah Brennan has been named a top global influencer in HR Technology by more than 50 publications and shared her insights at speaking engagements around the world. As Chief Advisor at Accelir, she partners with HR Technology vendors and investors as an advisor, interim CxO role and on engagements focused on growth strategies, product roadmap & market education/evangelism. She also works with corporate teams enhancing talent strategies.

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