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Todays guest post is by my friend and colleague, Mollie Lombardi.  Mollie is the CEO of Aptitude Research Partners and one of the smartest women in the HR Technology Space.  Her research and focus on this space has been a resource for learning and development for many of us over the years and her commitment to the HR Gives Back movement has been a lesson in dedication and determination.  I committed to sponsor a day a quarter – I hope you’ll consider doing something as well.    


I went through a brief obsession with the musical Rent, as did most of us in the mid-90s. Their big song was “525,600 Minutes”.

525,600 minutes – how do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife.

A year can change a lot of things. And it’s important to be purposeful with how we choose to spend our time, and who we spend it with. I feel extremely fortunate to have a spent many daylights and midnights and miles and laughter with some amazing people in this HR technology community of ours. While all have our moments of adversity, we also have a tremendous capacity to lift each other up. I’ve seen it time and time again.

A year can change a lot. So can five years. When I disclosed my diagnosis of Parkinson’s nearly five years ago, this community of fellow analysts, technologists, writers, and leaders were the first people who rose to the occasion offering to slice my steak, or carry my bags, open my water bottle, or learn the tricks to get me unstuck when my mind decides to view a change in the flooring pattern as a roadblock (Pro tip: if you stand in front of me and walk normally usually gets me going).
Since then friends like Sarah have been incredibly generous with their time, their resources, and their social media properties 🙂 Everyone’s support of the HR Gives Back initiatives in previous years have yielded over $100,000 already. We’re aiming even higher this year, so Sarah has ever so kindly let me take over her blog today to share with you what we are doing.

Beginning on September 23, 2018 – the fifth anniversary of my own diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease – I’m committing to walk, swim, bike, crawl, moonwalk, and otherwise propel myself 365 miles in 365 days – and blog, tweet, and Instagram my progress along the way.

The goal of this 365 in 365 Challenge is to find 365 individual sponsors who are willing to donate at least $47 each. Why $47? Because if I didn’t have insurance, that’s what my current drug regimen would cost me per day. That’s over $17,000 to help fund a cure – one important way to measure a year.

So How Can You Help?

DONATE. If you have $0.47, $47, or $470, please give what you can. You can donate to my effort here, and track my progress over at hrgivesback.org.
PARTICIPATE. You can join Team Mollie by signing up on the website. You will receive periodic updates, and information on how to get our Maximus Life app and log your own miles throughout the year.
CELEBRATE. Throughout the year there will be special events to promote HR Gives Back and the 365 in 365 challenge. Sign up for our mailing list, and follow along on Twitter at @HRgivesback for all the latest.

And of course, you can repost this blog, follow and share tweets, and let people know when you’ve donated. Here’s to moving another 525,600 minutes closer to a cure!

If you’d like more information, or would like to become a corporate sponsor, please contact me at HRgivesback@gmail.com.

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