Are Today’s Integrated Talent Management Systems Bad for HR?

For almost as long as the technology has existed, “they” have told us that integrated talent management systems were the future of human resources technology. They told us these bundled software products were going to revolutionize the world and save human resource professionals from the silo’d existence of stand alone solutions that were separating them from

Where have we been? Rebranding & Refocusing in 2014

We have been MIA.  I know.  I’m Sorry.   I promise it won’t happen again, unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I got swamped with work and have been working on some amazing projects that not only renewed my passion but re-energized my writing ideas for 2014. If you didn’t know already, in October, Sarah White

2014 Top Three Trends in Rewards & Recognition

Rewards and recognition has become an increasingly popular topic in HR Technology and the human resource circles in general.  Employee disengagement is high in many companies and the struggle to figure out solutions to change that is top of mind for many organizations. This summer we conducted a survey of human resource professionals and corporate

Predictive Technology in Human Capital

Even if you don’t know it by name, you are likely already familiar with predictive technology. When you use Google, you watch it try to predict your search as you type. As you shop at Target, it will try to predict what you might need to buy next visit, based on buying habits. If you

Intro to Talent Management Software

Talent management software according to a recent Forbes Magazine article by Josh Bersin, “has now become a mandatory part of corporate HR infrastructure.”  In just a few years technology that was seen as a ‘nice to have’ or  even ‘unnecessary’ addition to corporate human resources have become indispensable to Fortune 500 in today’s highly connected talent marketplace. The HR Technology